Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Elfen Lied: Episode 6

Bando opens his new eyes, to a yellow hue on everything. He twitches the fingers on his new robotic hand, and hasn't attempted to murder anyone yet. A personal best. A doctor hands him some pain pills in a blister pack, explaining, "After this, you'll be undergoing the sterilization procedure." So, they went with my microwave idea. Bando asks the doctor how much his new hand can withstand, learning it can hold about 110 lbs. and is otherwise pretty sturdy, too. So, of course, Bando knocks the living fuck out of him. Not that I've dealt with many murdering psychopaths before, but I'd have stuck him the microwave first. Bando then jumps out a window to make his escape. Stairs may have taken longer, but would've been way less conspicuous. Guys jumping from windows a few stories up are never up to any good.

Kouta heads out, looking to find Nyuu at the school. He's worried. I think. We can't see his face for some reason. Yuka calls him an idiot after the door closes.

At school, Lab Assistant walks in looking for Kak. She mentions she hasn't bathed in a while to no one. I don't know why. Kouta opens the door, scaring poor character-whose-name-I-don't-bother-to-find-out. She recovers quickly when she learns that Kouta is looking for Kak, and leads him to lab 103b. On the stairs, Kouta tells assistant about Nyuu, only to learn that Kak has no niece or even a brother to have sprungforth such a niece.

Under Transition Underpass, some girl walks out complaining that her job blows. Her boss is always staring at her ass. She gets embarrassed when she notices Lucy walking towards her. After they pass each other, and then walk off screen, Lucy's vectors fly back towards the girl, as if to say, "Oh, yeah! I forget to tell you something." That's probably not what they're really saying, though.

Assistant exposits that Kak is working on a vaccine to help fight the disease that causes horns to grow, and that normally, people with hornitis are quarantined immediately... "and after that..." assistant stops talking.

Lucy pulls a vector out of the girl's head, leaving her with that gradient, anime stare that characters get when they're brain dead. Lucy simply says, "Still not good..." What's no good? I'unno. But I'll believe anything Lucy wants as long as I survive.

Assistant and Kouta find that 103b is a bloody mess. Nyuu is, of course, no where to be seen, but Kak's head is laying a few feet from his body. They freak out a little, and assistant says that that 'this style' of killing is just like "..." and that people with horns who aren't quarantined right away, end up like Kak. Upon hearing some of this, Kouta has a little 'Nam flashback of a girl standing in blood, then spaces out completely. When assistant tells him to leave and not tell anyone, he agrees and stumbles away without complaint.

Back home, Yuka has been waiting for Kouta to come back. Aw. At the dinner table, Kouta has another flashback when he tries to tell Yuka that Kak is dead. He forgets what he was about to say, then zombie-walks to bed.

At Diclonius Central, Kak Senior berates Glasses a little, what with his prey having killed his son and all. Nana's name comes up, and I think I should've felt something, but I didn't. It was a lot like every other scene that's taken place in Daddy Kak's big room.

Outside the big room, Glasses admits to his assistant that he killed his own baby with his bare hands, and when his wife saw, she killed herself. He asks if she has any questions, but she's too shaken to make a 'this is your brain on Diclonius' joke.

As Mayu walks to school, she sees Bando standing on the beach, and recognizes him as that mostly-armless guy she tried to save a few episodes back. She goes down to talk, and Bando gets offended that someone so small saved him. Still, he gives her his cell number in case she's ever in trouble, and he'll come running in like a knight who beats up women and children. He asks about a woman with horns, and when Mayu asks if he means Nyuu, he jump cut to a new scene.

In the rain, Yuka and Kouta take cover in a shrine. Yuka is shivering from the cold, so Kouta sits her on his lap. I'll take a moment here to remind everyone that they're cousins. They hold each other tight and blush and Yuka's nether-region gets a tingle. She asks Kouta if she likes him, and Kouta talks about how he doesn't remember much of his childhood with her. As he rambles on, Yuka pulls him in for a passionate kiss.

Beach: Bando lifts Mayu up by her school uniform and demands answers about Nyuu. She refuses, and even offers up a lie about a brother saying he saw a girl with horns at school. Not wasting any time on paying off a plot device, Mayu immediately pulls out the piece of paper Bando used to write his number on. "Right now, I'm in big trouble..." Reluctantly, he lets her go, saying that he doesn't want to ever see her face again. He's a bad guy, you know?

At the shrine, the kiss finally breaks. Yuka tells Kouta that she doesn't care how he treats her, as long as he never leaves her. She'd make a good enabling wife. This time, it's Kouta who leans in for the kiss. The rain stops, and the two continue their half-assed search. Half-way down a flight of steps, Kouta turns around to see Lucy, who he calls, 'Nyuu.' Lucy pushes Kouta away, prompting Yuka to come up and try to pull Kouta back, as she senses danger. Instead, Lucy pushes Yuka down a few steps. Lucy starts to walk away, but Kouta stops her. When she says she's going to her own place, Kouta calls the bluff, knowing that she has no where to go. She starts to go off about how she'll find a place, any place, and make it home. Kouta spins her around and tells her that the Maple Inn is her home. Lucy's eyes fill with anime-tears, and she shouts that she doesn't deserve to live with Kouta, because eight years ago... 'Nam flash backs happen to the both of them. After the flashbacks subside, Nyuu pops up and asks Kouta for a hug with the tears still flowing. Only, Nyuu seems to have a bit of the flashback this time. Begging the question; is Lucy pretending to be Nyuu, does Nyuu remember what Lucy does, or am I just reading too much into things? I decide to not care.

Back on the beach, a giant capsule spits out white smoke, revealing Nana, limbs and all, inside. After she sits up, a message from Glasses starts. It tells her that she should be able to move her new limbs. That he left her a bag of cash. And that she should be happy. She falls down pretty hard, not really knowing how to use her new limbs just yet as the recording said. She gets down the shoreline a bit before Bando pulls a gun on her...

Continued on side 2.

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