Sunday, May 6, 2007

Eureka Seven Finale on Adult Swim

All longtime readers of this blog will know that we hate Eureka Seven. Adult Swim on Cartoon Network recently concluded the show's fifty episode run, but, that apparently being insufficient, this past Saturday night we were were fortunate enough to be subjected to the conclusion a second time. It turns out that Adult Swim's habit of truncating the show's opening and ending credits had the dual effect of omitting some of the show's vital plot points, those plot points being explicated during the time normally allotted to those selfsame credits. I'm frankly quite surprised that the [AS] folks didn't realize this, but it also confirms my suspicion that they stopped watching a long time ago. Because they hate the show too, you see. I can only imagine that there was some outcry over the cut material, which forced them to show the episode again, in its entirety.

As conclusions go, the show was quite unsatisfactory. Random monsters attack for no reason, Eureka hangs upside down in a big red ball, and a giant heart attacks the moon. A more Neon Genesis Evangelion-esque ending would have been appropriate, possibly with Renton sitting by himself in a dark room and everyone yelling at him for half an hour. Then, at the very end, Eureka would have appeared to slap the shit out of him for a while. That would have had more of an impact on me, for this entire series generally had none.

Except for episode 26, where Eureka needs Renton so much that she flies off alone on her little surfboard thing and as she's hurtling to her death Renton plucks her out of the sky. That part wasn't so bad.

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Anonymous said...

Red ball? Giant heart attacks the moon? What crack are you smoking? I don't recall any of that in the final episode.

More impact if everyone got the craps with Renton? Are you sadistic?