Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lovely Idol 3

This episode dives right into the action: a pajama party! The girls are dancing around on the bed, falling off, thinking about how they’ll soon be Lovedols and famous and singing their little animated hearts out. Ruri, Tomohiro’s sister, has just joined, and pretty much admits that she’s completely talentless, and her only goal is to help her bother be a good manager. The other girls don’t seem at all bothered by this. They just want Mizuki to come hurry up and join them, so they can have their damn debut.

Mizuki, meanwhile, goes home. I originally thought that maybe she was homeless, but she actually lives in a tiny one-room apartment, sans decoration or personality, where I bet she plans all her revenge. She keeps thinking about what Tomohiro offered her: to help her achieve that same revenge. She should definitely take him up on that offer.

The next day the five girls go to a pastry shop to meet Chocorat, two members of the first generation of the Lovedols. Chocorat, to tell the truth, is actually two girls, and they seem to dance around as Twin Maid Unit or something, and Hina, one of the new girls, is their little sister. Chocorat give the new girls general advice on being famous, like “don’t shave your hair off to avoid drug tests,” and “don’t swing umbrellas at cars.” Then they invite them to a special “secret concert.” Simultaneously, Mizuki is at home practicing her songs, but she’s still thinking about what Tomohiro said to her. Or maybe she’s constipated. Anyway, as I mentioned last time, everyone can tell that there’s someone (or something?) that she wants to receive her music, and Tomohiro can help her achieve that. She walks to her desk, where his card is resting, but she throws it away. I’m sure it’s only because her own plans for revenge are so far along that any interference would be ruinous.

The next scene shows a line of people holding tickets to get into a little concert hall. Inside, the girls are watching Chocorat practice and clap politely when they finish. Chocorat and their manager (Aneki) go backstage to get ready, and the new girls look wistfully at the stage. Tomohiro promises them that one day they will get a stage of their own, but everyone knows that he’s lying.

Back to Mizuki, who’s just recling on her bed. I don’t imagine that she has much of a life. She sleeps, wakes up, practices, plots her revenge, and then sings about it. She finally notices the bag that Tomohiro gave her and dumps everything out on her bed. Inside there’s a ticket to the Chocorat concert. Dumbfouned, Mizuki stares at it. Will this help her achieve revenge?

Backstage at the theater, Chocorat are getting dressed, but Aneki is freaking out because she forgot their maid costumes! Some old guy offers to go collect them from the warehouse (because who wants to see girls sing and dance in their normal clothes?) but that will delay the show, which everyone knows in Japan is completely unacceptable. It’s true.

And Mizuki lays on her bed and stares at the ticket.

Aneki runs at Tomohiro and demands that he think of something to stall the crowd whilst Chocorat get their costumes and get dressed. They toss about various ideas until someone suggests: hey, let the new girls sing to warm up the crowd! The girls suddenly get shy and start to hesitate, but Hina says that she just wants to help her sisters and asks the other girls to lend her their strength. This part makes me feel strange and uncomfortable and I don’t want to write about it any more, so let’s just say that the girls are going to sing some songs from the first batch of Lovedols, but another problem comes up. The songs were written for six girls, but they are only five. Tomohiro looks worried, but he suddenly slaps his forehead and runs down the hall. Naturally, he runs into Mizuki, who’s descending the stairs to the theater. She angrily says that she only came to return the ticket, but Tomohiro isn’t standing for that, and he grabs her hand and yanks her after him.

In the theater, the lights go dark, and everyone starts clapping. We see some of the girls standing nervously, but they turn around and see two more dragging Mizuki after them. Watching this, I’m flabbergasted. Why did Tomohiro and the rest waste so much time trying to convince her to join, since all it apparently would have taken was force?

The girls stand on stage, the lights go up, and everyone starts to boo, as one can expect. I mean, if you pay money to see two girls singing dressed up as maids, you better fucking well see two girls singing dressed up as maids. Nevertheless, they start singing, and the boos begin to turn into cheers. The girls start to smile, and even Mizuki, who looks pretty reluctant, begins to surrender to the sweet siren call of pop stardom.

Afterward, they’re sitting in a dressing room, still feeling pretty good about their performance. Mizuki is sitting off by herself, but the girls all stand up and start to ruminate on how wonderful it would be to have her join them. Aneki comes in and says that Chocorat want the girls to come back to the stage. Mizuki, being hateful or something, hangs back, but the other girls just grab her and they all run out. Tomohiro is left all by himself, but Ruri comes back and says something cute.

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