Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moribito: As it happened

We watched episode one of Moribito on Adult Swim earlier tonight. What did we think? Read and wonder no more:

[01:31:21] neoplatonic: based on a novel?!
[01:31:23] mrLang: Oh-uh.
[01:31:30] mrLang: This intro isn't making me feel good.
[01:31:37] * neoplatonic smacks you
[01:31:52] neoplatonic: that's for this intro
[01:31:57] mrLang: Are you going to shine on me?
[01:32:17] neoplatonic: is this like "spirited away," but not?
[01:32:25] mrLang: No idea.
[01:32:32] mrLang: I know nothing about this.
[01:32:58] neoplatonic: the animation isn't bad
[01:33:04] neoplatonic: but she's wearing too many clothes
[01:33:09] mrLang: I looked it up on Wikipedia when I first found out it was airing on [as]. It only confirmed that it was in fact an anime.
[01:33:21] neoplatonic: even the japanese don't know
[01:33:41] neoplatonic: "this is a shithole of a village. i hate it"
[01:33:44] mrLang: How do you want to start off your anime? "Calm and peaceful."
[01:34:06] mrLang: "My spear needs a lift."
[01:34:27] neoplatonic: stop talking
[01:34:42] neoplatonic: 30? she's practically dead
[01:35:35] mrLang: That cow hates that someone isn't bowing.
[01:37:17] neoplatonic: "I hate kids!"
[01:38:32] neoplatonic: i'm glad that something kinda happened
[01:38:42] mrLang: Is it too early to ask, "What the fuck?"
[01:39:13] neoplatonic: no
[01:39:14] mrLang: "I'll send my giant teeth."
[01:39:19] neoplatonic: in fact, it's too late
[01:40:32] neoplatonic: uh oh
[01:41:13] neoplatonic: if you're going to fight a spear with some swords you better be fast
[01:41:42] mrLang: Wh... What? Was that an act break?
[01:41:50] mrLang: Did something important just happen?
[01:42:16] neoplatonic: her spear still needs a tune up
[01:42:48] mrLang: Where do you want the A-B break in you anime? "Uh... there?"
[01:45:21] mrLang: Was that San Francisco?
[01:45:31] neoplatonic: was she almost naked?
[01:45:50] mrLang: Not really.
[01:46:11] neoplatonic: kill someone already
[01:46:54] neoplatonic: *wink*
[01:47:01] mrLang: The queen wuvs her.
[01:47:09] neoplatonic: that's like my bedroom
[01:47:20] mrLang: Dark and empty?
[01:47:50] neoplatonic: shut up!
[01:48:03] mrLang: OUTLANDER!
[01:48:28] neoplatonic: there can be only one
[01:49:11] mrLang: That knot on her outfit makes me think she's about to join the marching band.
[01:50:41] neoplatonic: sounds like the prince has bad luck, not that assassins are after him
[01:50:51] mrLang: The assassins sent a cow?
[01:51:58] neoplatonic: oh great the prince is an ass
[01:52:11] mrLang: Name five princes who aren't.
[01:52:43] neoplatonic: erm
[01:54:04] neoplatonic: "sorry. all i have is a few diamonds on me"
[01:54:44] neoplatonic: kill them all!
[01:54:58] neoplatonic: KILL THEM!
[01:56:15] mrLang: "See ya'!"
[01:56:42] mrLang: Gee, I'm all excited for episode 2.
[01:56:50] neoplatonic: the prince is a terrible person. he counts as -4 lives
[01:56:51] mrLang: I hope nothing happens again.