Thursday, April 26, 2007

Elfen Lied: Episode 5

Mr. Glasses is found ruminating on the roof of Diclonius Central. Assistant comes up to inform him that she's reported to the superiors about "Number 7's" repairs. Now, that could mean to Nana or the room where they held her. She asks, "Do you have any regrets?" Without missing a beat, Glasses-san goes, "Regrets and so forth... are for those who look back and judge right or wrong which is unforgivable." Nge. That's the sound my brain makes when it hits itself on the skull.

Back at Runaway House, Mayu has left a letter saying how she's not good enough to stay there and eat and stuff. So, she re-ran away. Kouta, Yuka, and Nyuu go off into town to find the little gal.

The shopkeeper from earlier episodes mention that she hasn't been in today, but she has a gift for her. The group takes the box, but before the scene can progress, the next scene backs into this one. Now, if the whole 'Nana getting dismembered then later being put down' stuff was too much for you, take the Prozac now. We're about to find why a 13 year old girl is wondering Japan pantless and sad. I almost preemptively committed suicide out of sheer grief for this poor kid.

See, 'some time ago,' Mayu's mother brought home Mayu's "new Papa."

Nge. The very next scene, is Mayu in her pajamas, and new Papa sitting on a bed. Her hair is down over her eyes to show her embarrassment and shame. He tells her to 'do it like always...' and I vomit a little. The studio audience isn't quite sure what to do; most avert their eyes. She turns around, then gets on all fours. Later, Li'l Mayu tells her mom about what new Papa does, and Bad Motha' slaps Mayu down. "The one we don't need here is you! As long as you're here... as long as you're here, that person..." Mommy's jealous of the attention her daughter is getting from her new husband. And that's reason enough not to call the cops on the abuse, apparently. They should call Dr. Phil.

Next time, Mayu's skirt comes down, but when bad Daddy wants more, she screams, "NO!" and starts running. Hence, her pantlessness up until now in the series. She runs until she falls down, and cries. Excuse me, I'm gonna go kill myself for a while.

I'm back. Mayu keeps walking and walking, until eventually she reaches the ocean. With a smile, she takes off her shoes, and walks in. Where's she going? Down. Before she gets too far, a puppy barks. She goes back to investigate, and finds Wanta the dog. They're both alone, but more importantly, abandoned. Nobody wants either of them, except each other. And JUST as Mayu is coming out of her flashback, standing at the beach during a setting sun, you hear someone off screen call for, "James." It's the supposed real owner of Mayu's dog. She bitchily walks away with her dog, and when Mayu asks if she could maybe see him again, Bitch insists that a girl with clothes that dirty could never come to her house and see her puppy. Aw. I'm gonna kill myself again.

In her shanty town box, Mayu is crying and being a little crazy. As she shakes from the cold, two officers find her and ask her to get out. When she runs, the cops chase after her, 'cause Mayu really don't want to go back to Bad Dad and Bitch Mom. Luckily, Kouta and friends are waiting up the hill. Kouta identifies Mayu as a member of the family, and it's actually kinda touching.

Inside Runaway, the gift the shopkeeper had given Yuka and Kouta turns out to be a stale birthday cake. *sniff* Nyuu comes in with a big-ass bowl of rice, since Mayu was so happy with the food earlier, I guess. Mayu's happy and crying and confused and... WANTA's outside! Oh, all is well in the world again. And it will be forever! Right? ... please?

Some time later... Mayu leaves Runaway HQ in a school uniform, apparently off to school. Or a photo shoot. I'm not sure how much time has past. Yuka and Kouta have a little conversation about how odd it is that they're suddenly Mayu's adopted parents. Which it is, only because they asked. The mom doesn't want any of that backstory truth to get out. Plus, she's probably on the crack, now. Dr. Phil could've saved her so good.

Kouta and Yuka are starting school today, and have to bring Nyuu along. Her new, and only word she's learned is, "Yes!" There's some talk about how 'this teacher' is a little weird, and they comic-relief each other to pass the time. The teacher comes in, and incidentally, he is none other than Doctor Kakuzawa, the Chief's son! It's like that one plot and this one have somehow joined together! I hear blood makes a great solvent. He of course notices Lucy, and asks that she and the other two join him later.

We go downstairs to Doctor Kakuzawa's... room? Lab? Area of Plot Advanceman (APA). He informs Yuka and Kouta that 'this young woman' is his brother's daughter, and they've been all so worried about poor wittle Lucy. When Kouta starts to ask questions, Doc Kak implies that our two young heroes could be arrested for kidnapping and such. Kouta hangs his head, and tells Yuka that they should go. Without a word, Kouta starts to leave. Kak holds Nyuu by the shoulders, and she reaches out for him, and even manages to say his name. *sniff* As she screams for him to be with her, he walks away. He doesn't look back, but has on a Batman shirt. I felt it needed said.

Back on the stairway in town, Kouta and Yuka try to happily defend what they've done, but instead, burst into tears.

In a lower lab of the school, Lab 103b Exposition and Foreshadowing, Doc Kak has Nyuu naked and tied up. Kak talks about a gland in the brain that allows Diclonius to use their vectors, and I think he sort of implies that there's a way to fix her broken vectors. But none of that seems to be of any importance. Really, he wants to bone Lucy so she can carry their Lurv Child of the Apocalypse, and take out the rest of us lowly humans. He gives her a shot to put her to sleep.

At dinner, Mayu is the one who goes, "Hey... that was kinda a big coincidence. Bah, I'm sure it's fine. Mm... tea. *slurp*" The other two pick their noses and watch King of the Hill, throwing beer cans at Mayu. No, not really. But they might as well. They're very slow.

Back in the creepy dungeon of X-Rays, Doc Kak is talking off his tie, and Lucy/Nyuu is on the floor, unconscious.

Mayu goes to bed, and Kouta and Yuka have another weird "Well, 'love' can mean many different things," conversations. Yuka wants to know whether or not Kouta would cry like he did for Nyuu a few scenes ago, if Yuka had gone missing. Kouta says, "It's not like I'd want to or not want to cry." He doesn't go out much. They both shrug off the conversation, leave, then start crying for being self-absorbed and stupid.

Dungeon. Kak talks to himself, then turns around to notice Nyuu/Lucy is gone. And on the other side of the room... Lucy wakes up. Sort of. "I am asleep... my other self that is." Kak tells us that he's the one who opened the doors that allowed Lucy to escape in episode one, and that Lucy needs to 'be faithful to [her] DNA's orders,' by killing everyone and having lots o' babies. She breaks some glass to be scary and show her vectors are working. Then, Kak pulls off a wig to show that he, too, has horns on his head. Why not? He says all he has is the horns, meaning he doesn't have the cool killing arms. Then he goes on, again, to say, "You're wrong... the long anticipated..." then his neck blows up.

But Lucy don't need no half-breed, prick like Kak. That's not how Lucy rolls.

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Meru said...

"But Lucy don't need no half-breed, prick like Kak. That's not how Lucy rolls."

xD that was epic win.

I'm actually on this episode now, though I've read the manga to chapter....95 or something o_O* cant remember*