Friday, April 20, 2007

Murder Princess (OVA) - 01

A solid past-time for any anime fan is to randomly grab an episode of something you've never even heard of before. Sometimes you get winners, others... not so much.

The title of this anime - Murder Princess - definitely piqued my interest when I was rummaging around grabbing recent episode updates for my current list of anime entertainment.

Now, the (OVA) beside the title of this particular show is misleading, as it is not a single-episode situation. It appears to be a short series, kicking off with episode 1...

The show begins with what appears to be a strange group of mercenaries, talking about bounty hunting and slaying everything they can, the usual mercenary stuff. A huge brute looking guy and a small guy who has a skull for a face are taking orders from a normal looking girl, who after a series of flashy sword fighting is at a cliff sensing something coming her way...

Cut to the next shot you see a pile of dead bodies and a pair of guards looking around like they are pretty much ready to wet their pants. And for good reason - the castle they are in appears to be infested with demons and all assortments of baddies.

This is where the story actually begins, with the lovely and innocent Princess Alita rushing to the throne room to get to safety, while her father sits dying in his throne. At this point I couldnt help but wonder why no one was trying to heal him, or why he wasn't bandaged or anything. He tells the princess to escape the traditional way - by not telling her where to go. "Go through the forest!" and thats about it.

And so the princess and two bodyguards head out the secret passage, and we see the villians bust into the throne room. Who would be leading an army of powerful demons and monsters? Why a pair of loli twins, of course! No show is complete without loli twins (see Coyote Ragtime Show)

After the loli twins kill everyone in the throne room, its time to get back to our lovely and innocent Princess Alita, who is running away from a baddie who ate her bodyguards about... 5 entire seconds after leaving the castle.

At this point you realize where the other characters' story cut off is about to meet up with the princess's story, and she proceeds to almost get diced in half by our friendly neighborhood mercenary.

The baddie that was chasing the princess emerges, and being the helpless innocent princess she is, she proceeds to scream and fall backward into the mercenary, and off the cliff.

Now this is where things start to make even less sense. As the two fair maidens are falling to their doom, a golden light surrounds them. Do I know what the light is? Nope. Does it make sense? Nope.

So they fall down, and the mercenary friends happen to be at the bottom. The princess gets caught by the big guy, and the mercenary hits her head on the skull faced guy's head, and passes out.

The princess gets up and immediately you notice her voice is that of the mercenary girl's. She proceeds to dust herself off and complain about the annoyance of falling, when she realizes she's not in her own body. (picture caption: looking at her reflection in a blade)

She proceeds to freak out, as would anyone who sees their own body passed out on the ground, and the small guy who will hence forth be known as Skull Face says that when two people face imminent death, their bodies will swap. *Blink*

Doesn't really make sense. Then again not much in the show has yet.

The mercenary girl wakes up, and also freaks out like the princess did, not understanding the body swap thing either.

Seeing the mercenaries gives her the bright idea of asking them to slay an entire castle full of demons by themselves, with the leader's body as collateral.

They proceed to head out on some sort of motorcycle thing that Skull Face is driving, and I shit you not, they jump the bike about 10 miles in a single bound, and crash through the window of the castle. I'm not joking. When they jump they can see the castle IN THE DISTANCE, and they land inside it.

Anyway, they walk into the throne room and proceed to call out the loli twins and their minions, saying she's gonna take her throne back. Now, the loli twins have no idea the body swap happened, so naturally they think she's lying.

The princess and her mercenaries proceed to beat the shit out of everything in the room with extreme ease, and then break the loli twins' robotic bodies. Yes, the loli twins are even robots.

Taking over "her" throne, she is henceforth known as the Murder Princess for being so strong in battle and what not.

Thus ends episode 1 of a very strange anime. Oddly enough its very entertaining, and moves along at a fantastic pace. It makes about as much sense as punching yourself in the face, but it's obviously not intended to be a serious anime in the first place.

Overall its not bad at all. Entertaining to be sure, and a great cast of characters. I will definatly check out the next episodes as they are released and hope they keep the momentum going strong.