Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bleach 127

So another week, and another episode of Bleach, and, for sure, this is the best episode ever! Why? Because nothing happens!

When we left off last week, sexy, sexy Yoruichi appeared before Orihime and told her that Kisuke wanted to talk to her. We don’t follow them, because that would be pretty dull, but instead visit Ikkaku, Yumichiki, and Rangiku at Keigo’s house. Ikkaku is wearing some cute pink shirt, and the other shinigami are rightfully mocking him. Keigo and his sister appear and we have some human-shinigami wackiness.

When Orihime finally reaches Kisuke’s vast underground training room, she watches Chad training with Renji. Renji slams Chad into a mountain with his bankai, and Orihime, uncaring, just turns away and asks Kisuke what he wants with her. He makes some prefatory remarks, about how the upcoming battle will be bloody and dangerous, and everyone needs to train to become stronger. Orihime predictably blubbers that she wants to become stronger, too, but Kisuki tells her that he wants her to sit out this one.

He points out that Tsubaki, Orihime’s little battle fairy, was destroyed in her last fight with the arrancar. She admits that he was totally vaporized, and she can’t even find a bit of him to heal. Kisuke logically states that, without Tsubaki, she really is pretty useless in battle. Just useless, in any sense. Sado suddenly becomes indignant and sputters something about how Orihime fought alongside them in Soul Society. She has, he says, powerful defensive and healing abilities.

Kisuke sighs (along with me). Orihime’s shield will probably be useless, and Soul Society has pretty handy healers of its own. No, she’s indeed completely and truly useless, which I stated above. Might as well kill herself. Orihime agrees and runs off. Sado starts to run after her, but Renji stops him and says that Kisuke is right. Orihime isn’t cut out for fighting.

She runs and runs, right up the stairs to the shop and through it and then out the door, where she runs directly into Rukia. Rukia feels uncomfortable, just like the viewers, as Orihime starts sobbing uncontrollably. They go sit on the roof of the school to talk—how did they get up there, I’m wondering—and Rukia is indignant because she respects the fact that Orihime came to Soul Society to help try to save her. She grabs Orihime’s shirt and demands to know if Orihime is frustrated about being told to go away and die. Orihime denies it twice, but admits that she’s sad that she can’t fight with everyone else. Fighting and risking death is what all the cool kids are doing. Tender music starts playing and Orihime finally shows some sense as she says that she’d rather be alone and sad than get in the way of everyone else fighting. Really, all she does is get in the way. Doesn’t she realize this yet?

Rukia, anyway, tries to cheer her up. She says that she owes her life to all of them. She’ll help Orihime find some way to help in the upcoming battle.

The tender music ends, and, suddenly, and quite out of nowhere, Hiyori (l’il Vizard) appears. She crash lands on the roof and her shirt flies dangerously into the air and this almost becomes hentai, but things settle down. She grabs Orihime and tells her that Hacchi wants to talk to her. They fly away, and Rukia doesn’t even try to stop her.

At the Vizard’s hideout, Hacchi looks Orihime over and points out that her little hairpins are like a zanpaktou, and that they’re broken. He tells Orihime that he can fix them and bring Tsubaki back. Things suddenly get strange when one of the Vizard, Mashiro (the girl with green hair and the goggles), starts rolling around on the ground and shouting that she hates Orihime. I’m really stunned by all this, and perturbed, as it makes no sense whatsoever. Hacchi finally heals Tsubaki, and then even he says that Orihime shouldn’t bother fighting. She keeps insisting that she wants to fight, so I guess that he sort of just lets her go. No use trying to argue with her at this point.

Orihime leaves the hideout, and Rukia is waiting for her. She tracked Ichigo’s reiatsu, but says that she doesn’t need to know what’s going on inside there. Orihime vows that, the next time she sees Ichigo, she’ll be able to fight alongside him. Whatever.

I almost think that the show is over, but we suddenly find ourselves in Hueco Mundo. Ulquiorra walks in on Yammy, who’s having his arm reattached by a cute little doctor arrancar. We see a big “10” tattooed on Yammy’s shoulder, which means that he’s merely the weakest of the Espada. The doctor finishes and asks if the arm is ok, and Yammy answers by smashing her against the wall and killing her. He’s pissed because he wanted to send her right through, which means that his arm still isn’t at full strength. Ulquiorra looks at him like he’s a moron.

Finally, we cut to Aizen. He’s watching images of Orihime putting up her shield and then healing Sado in her first fight with the arrancar. I sense something ominous.

Next week: Filler!

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